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    Memory Multiple Chip Package (MCP) stacks multiple chips into a single package, offering increased spatial density and performance benefits, while reducing overall power consumption. This enables designers to pack more functionality into a smaller form factor, facilitating the development of smaller electronic devices.
    JSCJeju Semiconductor is one of the world largest SRAM solutions provider for mobile applications
    Since Jeju Semiconductor made a debut to the SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) market in 2001 with 4M SRAM, Jeju Semiconductor continued implementing full lineup of low power SRAM products through 1M, 2M, 4M to 8M SRAM.
    NAND Flash/Density NAND Flash/Bus Part Number NAND Flash/Type NAND Flash/ECC DRAM/Density DRAM/Bus DRAM/Type PKG information/PKG Type PKG information/PKG Size(mm) Download
    4Gb x16 JSFCBD2N7ABBC-450 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    4Gb x16 JSFCBD2NHABBC-450 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    4Gb x16 JSFCBD3Y75BBD-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    4Gb x16 JSFCBD3Y7ABBG-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x16 JSFCBD3YAABBD-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCCB3YHHBBG-425A SLC 4bit 4Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCCB3YHHFBG-425 SLC 4bit 4Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCCB3YHHBBG-425 SLC 4bit 4Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x16 JSFCBD3YH3BBG-425A SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBF3YHHBBL-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x1.1 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCCB3YHABBL-425 SLC 4bit 4Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x1.1 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBF3YHHBBL-425A SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x1.1 NULL
    4Gb x16 JSFCBH3YHHBBL-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x1.1 NULL
    4Gb x16 JSFCBH3YHHBBL-425A SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x1.1 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBK3YHHBBL-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x1.1 NULL
    4Gb x16 JSFCBD3YH3BBG-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB2NHABBC-450 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR1 FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB3YH3BBD-418 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB3YH3BBD-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB3YH3BBG-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB3YH3BBG-425A SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB2N7ABBC-450 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB2N7ABBA-450 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB3Y75BBD-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB3Y7ABBG-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    4Gb x8 JSFCBB3Y7ABBD-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2N72ABA-450 SLC 1bit 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2N72ABA-450 SLC 1bit 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2N72ABB-450 SLC 1bit 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2N72ABB-450 SLC 1bit 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAD2N72ABC-450 SLC 1bit 1Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2N75ABA-450 SLC 1bit 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2NH5BBA-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2NH3CBA-450 SLC 4bit(64byte) 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAD2NH3BBC-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2NH3BBB-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC3Y72ABE-425 SLC 1bit 1Gb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC3YHABBE-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAD3Y72ABD-425 SLC 1bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAD3YHABBD-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAD3YHABBG-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAA2NH3CBA-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR1 FBGA 130B 8x9x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2NH3CBA-450 SLC 4bit(64byte) 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 130B 8x9x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x16 JSFBAC2NH3BBA-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR1 FBGA 130B 8x9x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBBB3KHABBG-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBBB3YH3BBG-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBBB3YH3BBG-425A SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBBB3YHABBG-425 SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBBB3YHABBG-425A SLC 4bit 2Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAA2NH3BBA-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR1 FBGA 130B 8x9x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAA2N72ABA-450 SLC 4bit 1bit x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2N72ABA-450 SLC 4bit 1bit x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2N72ABC-450 SLC 4bit 1bit x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2N75ABA-450 SLC 4bit 1bit x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2N75ABC-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2NH5BBA-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2NH5BBC-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2N73ABA-450 SLC 1bit 1Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2NH3BBA-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAA2NH3ABA-450 SLC 1bit 1Gb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB2NH3BBC-450 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAA3YHABBE-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB3Y72ABD-425 SLC 1bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB3YHABBD-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    2Gb x8 JSFBAB3YHABBG-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA8C1N73ABA-460 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 SDR FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA8C1NH3ABA-460 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 SDR FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA8C2N73ABA-450 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA8C2N73ABB-450 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA8C2N73BBA-450 SLC 4bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA8C2N73BBB-450 SLC 4bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2N72ABA-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2N72ABB-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2N72BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2N72BBB-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2N73ABA-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2N73ABB-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2N73BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9D2N72ABA-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9D2N72ABC-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9D2N72BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9D2N72BBC-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9D2N73ABA-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA8C2NA3ABA-450 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2NA3ABA-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9D2N73BBC-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2NH3ABA-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2NH3ABB-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2NH3BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2NH3BBB-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA8C2NH3BBA-450 SLC 4bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C3Y72BBE-425 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFAAC3Y72BBE-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFAAC3Y7ABBE-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFAAC3YHABBE-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2NH3BBB-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDR1 FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B1N72ABC-460 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 SDR FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2NH2ABC-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 DDR1 FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2NH3ABC-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 DDR1 FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2NH3BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDR1 FBGA 130B 8x9x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B3YHHBBG-425 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C2NAAABB-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDR1 FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9C3YHHBBE-425 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFA9D2NH3BBC-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDR1 FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFAAB3YHABBG-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFAAB3YHABBG-425A SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    1Gb x16 JSFAAC3YHHBBE-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2NH3ABA-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDR1 FBGA 130B 8x9x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8A1N73ABB-460 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 SDR FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8A1N73BBB-460 SLC 4bit 256Mb x16 SDR FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8B1N72ABC-460 SLC 1bit 256Mb x32 SDR FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A1N72ABB-460 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 SDR FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A1N72ABB-460 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 SDR FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8A1NH3ABB-460 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 SDR FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8A2N73ABB-450 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8A2N73BBA-450 SLC 4bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8A2N73BBB-450 SLC 4bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2N72ABB-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2N72BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2N72BBB-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2N73ABB-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2N72ABC-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2N72BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2N72BBC-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2N73ABC-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 137B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2N73BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9B2N73ABA-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x32 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8A2NH3ABB-450 SLC 1bit 256Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2NH3ABB-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2NA3ABB-450 SLC 1bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA9A2NH3BBA-450 SLC 4bit 512Mb x16 DDRI FBGA 130B 8.0x9.0x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFAAA3Y7ABBE-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x16 DDR2 FBGA 121B 8.0x8.0x0.86 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFAAB3Y7ABBD-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162B 11.5x13x1.0 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFAAB3Y7ABBG-425 SLC 4bit 1Gb x32 DDR2 FBGA 162Bs 8x10.5x0.8 NULL
    1Gb x8 JSFA8A2NH3BBB-450 SLC 4bit 256Mb x16 DDR1 FBGA 107B 10.5x13.0x1.2 NULL
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